About Us

Grey Lion specializes in the supply and installation of pre-engineered steel structures. We support the design, erection and foundation work required in delivering this service from start to finish. We can build warehouses, manufacturing facilities, offices, agricultural facilities, retail spaces and work on a variety of corporate and industrial projects. Our structures impact their success and support our customer’s production and business flow. We understand the importance of timely construction to achieve operational expectations.

We offer high-quality service to Edmonton developers and general contractors who are looking for a reliable, experienced, well-rounded, capable team. We have achieved this level of success through building a team of talented industry professionals with the right attitude and certifications. We employ people with competency and conviction towards the job, working towards quality and a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Our approach is to be the best at whatever we offer, and we have sacrificed growth to ensure quality. We strive for a safe and enjoyable work site, because, after all, construction can be fun. Our goal is to have a happy customer every single time. That's how we start our projects, and that's how we finish them. The construction industry is a small world. Word of mouth and repeat customers are extremely important to us.

With experience comes exposure to new skills and opportunities which add value to the construction process. We began in concrete foundations and expanded to provide a very comprehensive set of steel building services to our customers all around Alberta. Grey Lion can help you choose the right building to suit your business or client's needs.