Building Sales

Grey Lion is a well-rounded provider of pre-engineered steel structures. We support the entire process from foundation and materials sourcing to complete building erection. Our clients are incredibly diverse ranging from agricultural buildings to commercial establishments and industrial companies looking for cost-effective and reliable structures. We assist owners, companies and general contractors in finding the perfect modular solution for their needs, handling all the initial stages of construction.

The pre-engineered building market has grown significantly because of the reliability and affordability of these products and the advantages of the construction process. Using a modular concept and engineered materials, we can build robust commercial and industrial buildings which are uniquely adapted to suit numerous purposes. Also, the timelines for these project are more controllable, and materials are always backed by a warranty. Pre-engineered structures are customizable and if done right can provide an eye pleasing, conventional design.

Advantages of Pre-engineered Structures:

  • Cost effective for materials and construction
  • A 20-30 year Material Warranty, high-quality products
  • Produced strong and engineered to last
  • Modular for various business needs
  • Customizable to the look and feel of each business

Pre Engineered Buildings

Building Sales

More Than Just Boxes

One of the concerns our clients have with choosing pre-engineered steel structures is that they will resemble giant boxes without any style. New processes and materials allow us to customize structures to the aesthetic requirements of your business while still utilizing the modular construction process that makes pre-engineered structures so cost-effective and strong.

Grey Lion will work directly with general contractors or business owners to create a plan and identify the products which will most accurately meet their business needs while giving it a striking appearance. Check out our projects section to see some examples of exciting buildings Grey Lion has constructed.

Working with project management and architectural teams, we will help identify the required elements and costs associated. Once approved, we will secure and arrange transportation to site, oversee the quality of the materials and organization of components prior to development.