Commercial General Contractor in Sherwood Park

If you are looking for a commercial general contractor in the Sherwood Park region, we invite you to contact Grey Lion Construction Corp.. Boasting years of experience and innumerable successes, we are the go-to choice for large-scale construction projects. Clients recommend us to fellow community members, and our professional peers look to us for inspiration.

When you work with us, you get the results you want—and in a respectable time frame, too. Schedule a consultation with our team by calling (587) 557-1416 at your convenience.

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Comprehensive General Contractors

We are more than just builders and laborers. More than just construction workers, we are comprehensive project managers. Our firm’s leaders oversee and arrange every aspect of the construction process so you do not have to. We ensure all workers adhere to safety regulations, we secure permits, and handle all communication between vendors and other relevant bodies. Having us at the helm makes all the difference.

With commercial construction managers like us overseeing the project, you can always expect:

  • Quick turnarounds on builds
  • Well-sourced building materials
  • Logistics and reporting
  • Safe and monitored worksites
  • And more

Full Suite of Construction Services

Between our experienced team and vetted rolodex of subcontractors, there is nothing we cannot do. Over the years, we have constructed large complexes from the ground up, remodeled condominiums, apartment buildings, and everything in between.

Work with us when you need:

  • Framing services
  • Carpentry
  • Remodeling and renovations
  • Excavation services
  • Electrical services
  • Site selection
  • Demolition services
  • And more

Ensure Success with Us

There are often many parties invested in the success of a large-scale commercial development project. From municipalities to landowners and primary inventors, the list goes on and on. Put everyone’s mind at ease by working with us.

Contractors for Complex Projects

We have been fortunate enough to oversee the construction of numerous properties. Time and time again, we have exceeded the expectations of our clients. We are more than confident we will exceed yours, too.

Some of the past projects our clients have come to us with include:

  • Condominium construction
  • Commercial renovation
  • Commercial demolition
  • Commercial design services
  • And more

Consider us your go-to source for comprehensive building solutions. We prepare the area for building, we secure permits, and we make sure everyone involved abides by the codes and regulations set forth by all governing bodies. We are the all-in-one commercial builders you need.

Speak with a Commercial Contractor

The bigger the project, the more professional oversight the project needs. Rest assured, there are no project managers more skilled than us. With us overseeing your construction or remodeling project, you will get nothing short of the finest service possible. From the sourcing of building materials to the hiring of subcontractors, we do it all—and it all begins with one simple phone call.

Our work begins the second you pick up the phone and contact us. Are you ready to get started? All you have to do is call (587) 557-1416 to arrange a no-obligation consultation with our team.